Monday, March 13, 2017

An Accidental Food Renaissance - Part 5

It was all over! Gone!  Finito!  Game over, man!  Game over!

The experiment was not only a failure, but now I was likely to hasten my untimely death.  I was going to die, there was no doubt about it.  The least I could do was abandon my crazy ancient grain experiment, and come CRAWLING back to almighty wheat [and corn and rice], kiss it, beg for forgiveness for my impudence, and re-embrace my old eating habits and all the wonderful life-giving junk food that came with it. ^^;

So how did I know I was dying?

I had lost around 15 pounds... in three weeks...

Granted, the average person in my predicament at the time would normally jump for joy at this knowledge -- but I always kept in mind the old adage that weight loss has to be done GRADUALLY, little by little over time. Rapid weight loss, in the old way of thinking, was always seen as a sign of some serious internal problem, one requiring immediate hospitalization. And although I was loosely familiar with the concept of water weight and how most of the weight loss was probably attributed to that, I only expected this to account for about 5 to 8 pounds at most. This was nearly twice that, and so this... contrary to what it might seem... was terrifying!

So I was on the verge of completely pulling the plug on the whole experiment and reverting back to the way things were... and had I done so, it's likely that around this time I would either still be emotionally distraught or dead.

In this life-changing fork in the road, what caused me to take the path less traveled?

Three things in fact...

One... Although I was convinced I was dying, I didn't exactly feel awful.  Quite the contrary, I felt great! A little happier, a little more clear-headed, a little more energetic... and not so chronically hungry all the time.  Lunch time came and went, and I could hardly bat an eye. Sometimes I'd skip my millet or miso soup altogether and be fine enough until dinner,... and that used to be unheard of for me!

Two... It took me a while to realize that I wasn't chronically sick anymore either.  It used to be that immediately after a meal I'd run the 50 meter dash to the nearest restroom, and also that I would contract the so-called "stomach flu" seemingly every month.  It was still too soon on the latter, but at this point in the experiment I couldn't remember when was the last time I had such an explosive foray into the lo;, it had all but stabilized and I was already taking for granted that it had become a non-issue.

And third... the most important change of all that was both noticeable and personally hit close to home for me....

I could suddenly wake up in the mornings!!!  =O

Anyone who's known me all my life knows you used to have to need a forklift to get me out of bed!  I've had several alarm clocks, a sunrise simulator, and countless other wake-up gimmicks, and nothing worked. Maybe they did for a while, but after my body acclimated to the gimmick I would go right on sleeping! And this wasn't just a simple harmless little defect of mine... I've missed lessons, exams, paper deadlines, commuting trains, work hours, and overall self-respect as a result of this chronic "laziness" as it was often described by others. Worst of all, I was powerless to stop it [short of having an entourage of people to wake me and who would inevitably get annoyed with me], so eventually I gave up and accepted my curse as I continued sleeping away my life even as I saw no benefit in return. I could rake in a substantial 8-9 hour sleep, and yet I would still feel drained and tired! I could only imagine how things would get even worse for me as I noticed a steady deterioration of my condition as the years went on.

And then... it was gone.  I remembered that during the last few days of that 3-week period in my experiment, I could start waking up with my alarm clock... one time even before the alarm clock rang!  I remembered waking up a lot more energetic than before... I mean certainly not like when I drank coffee, but it was a more natural and satisfying sense of awakedness.  I felt like I could finally get the most out of my sleep, and that sudden realization gave me hope that I wasn't, in fact, "cursed" with laziness, but was simply the victim of a hitherto unknown condition that I would later know as "adrenal fatigue".

Perhaps, reading the prior four parts, it seemed like I was only interested in losing weight, since that's primarily what all the mainstream health nuts focus on. There is no conception that obesity could simply be a symptom of an underlying condition, one that could manifest in other ways in the body, such as fatigue, brain fog, chronic hunger, gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, or insomnia. To them, these are all separate conditions needing separate unrelated treatments, usually medication or some other non-integrative voodoo. The only exception is perhaps in the notion of some chronic diseases... they will at least admit that "bad" foods can cause heart disease, diabetes and cancer (even if they make mincemeat of the "how" part), and I did set out on this experiment to address the cancer prevention aspect. So it never once occurred to me that any of my other ailments would disappear after a simple little lifestyle change -- this was completely and utterly unexpected, but nowhere near unpleasant!  No matter how frightening the rapid weight loss was, ultimately the prospect of finally sleeping and waking up properly after so many decades of torture was to me a risk worth taking (and only people who have suffered through this humiliation could understand).

So I was committed to giving this a chance and so I vowed to continue the alternative grain experiment and see where it went.  But I wasn't happy just going with the flow,... this was too dramatic a change, and I NEEDED answers!

I tried to find if corn or rice could cause any of this... but aside from concerns about allergies, GMO's and arsenic, there was not much to suggest any of these could have caused my ailments.

And then it... remained a mystery forever...

Who the heck knows...?

Oh well...


Oh wait...

What about the wheat...?


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